Monday, January 12, 2009

Wow Moments...

Can you tell it has taken me a while to get back into the swing of things after the holidays?!? Being off two weeks and then jumping back into a routine with both feet was not real fun. I love staying at home. I am definitely a "homebody!"

Christmas was wonderful---fun times with family and friends. Finally caught up with the other half of the world and got a Wii and a Wii Fit. I can't wait to use the Wii Fit, I can't right now because I have to become more fit before I can be under the weight limit. (now don't all of you scramble to find the weight limit on the Wii Fit. You know I ain't little.) That was my wow moment. Couldn't wait for the Wii Fit and it, well, doesn't fit.

Went to Callaway Gardens and saw the Fantasy In Lights. So much fun! If you have kids at home from school and they are bored, this is a great day trip. Make reservations to see the lights and pay by the car load. I became such a kid! It was cold but I had my head stuck out the window in awe. I was reminded that it doesn't take much to bring out my inner

Got really bored and started looking up every friend I could come up with on Facebook, past and present. There was one person I have looked for in the past and never ran across him. Last Saturday, January 3rd, I found him. He was the very first person who taught me what a "quiet time" is. He taught me so much and I really looked up to him. Looking back, we had many of the same struggles, some of which still haunt us today. I "friended" him but he didn't remember me (it had only been 20+ years...) and sent me a message, asking how we knew each other. We started emailing back and forth and I was just blown away. I was so down and discouraged and in 5 minutes time, he had encouraged me and reminded me of Who clings to me...and I think he was a little down, too, and well, let's just say finding him on FB was not coincidence. Isn't God awesome?!? I have held onto what my friend said-remember to cling to Jesus, even though He is ALWAYS clinging to us. WOW.

He is a pastor now and doesn't live close. I hope to see him again one day and get to meet his family. He is one special person. I linked him up with two other old friends and now they are getting to catch up after many years. That just makes me smile.

God is so good. I don't deserve to even breathe the air He creates but yet He loves me.

Ok, going to bed now. Love you peeps!