Thursday, July 22, 2010


So I have been back from Spain a couple of weeks now. Trying to settle back in to "real" life. The mission trip was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I can't wait to go back. I miss those kiddos like you wouldn't believe. And we all lost weight while we were there. I lost 11 pounds! Lost a few more when I got home and have now lost 201 pounds. Yeah. Crazy.

I wish I could talk more about Spain and our work there but I can't say much due to security issues, including our exact location. We did a 6 day English camp in a small village and even got to attend the village's Fiesta (much like Carnivale in South America but a much smaller scale) and we saw so many of our kids and they were thrilled to see us. We even did a traditional circle dance that was the pinnacle of that night. I have never felt joy like I did that night. Magical.

Decided to do a list--you learn a lot about people when you spend 14 days with them!

Things I Learned on My Trip
  • The seats on the plane in front of bulkhead don't recline
  • Always get pasta on the plane
  • Rugged, comfy sandals leave weird tan lines
  • You get sun even with SPF 70
  • Spain doesn't like to let cats fly to the US
  • Some people can't eat with their glasses on
  • I took 3000 pictures
  • I can do a devotion in front of 7 other people
  • Round either love them or hate them
  • Spain has amazing pizza
  • Futbol fans are a little maniacal
  • I bought a Espania futbol shirt
  • I can sleep just about anywhere
  • I can do without TV for 14 days
  • I can't do without email, Facebook, or Twitter for 14 days
  • Loved Skype. What an awesome way to communicate.
  • Even the world's busiest airports are deserted at 1 am
  • A/C? In Europe? What's that?
  • All the A/C units must be with all the escalators somewhere
  • 14 days with 5 other people. If I didn't love them before, I can't help but to love them now.
  • I don't speak Spanish
  • The kids for the most part didn't speak English
  • And it didn't matter--smiles and hugs don't need a translator
  • Don't look in the shot glass at a Chinese buffet
  • I wish I was there now
  • I can't WAIT to go back
  • I feel like I left my family behind
  • Praising God for such a life-changing opportunity to serve alongside some amazing people
  • Rocks weigh a lot
  • So does chocolate

My heart is still in Spain. I tear up every time I think about it. I will never be the same!


cindy said...


I love reading this! Keep it up!

Emily is starting middle school next week. Time flies doesn't it?


Kim said...

Cindy! I can't believe my baby is going to middle school! That is unreal. I hate that I don't work in the student ministry anymore. It would be fun to see her on a regular basis!

Hope y'all are doing well! Thanks for reading! :o) I am going to try to do better!

Love you,